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Vacancies for Veterans

  • Roofing Laborer/Apprentice

  • Project Manager - Contracting

  • General Trades Contractor

  • Sales/Marketing Manager

Veterans - To apply to our program or request more information, click the logo below:

VetSuccess - RoofPro's non-profit initiative to educate, employ, and empower military veterans.

In early 2013, RoofPro founders Chris Goss and Josh Houchens, both Army veterans, established the VetSuccess program to assist recently discharged veterans and veterans diagnosed with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and/or TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries) in gaining education and experience, securing work, and becoming financially stable and independent. 

With the assistance of other local businesses, RoofPro, through the VetSuccess initiative, is able to provide vocational education, real-life work experience, and a source of income for local veterans who otherwise would not have access to these and other needed services.

Many veterans returning from the conflicts in the Middle East, especially those diagnosed with PTSD/TBI, find work opportunities increasingly hard to obtain. In fact, in a study published by USA Today, the unemployment rate of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in 2011 was nearly double the national figures! This exists for many reasons, one primarily being the stigma of PSTD. In that study, USA Today discovered that many large corporations blatantly discriminate against veterans due to the misbelief that all veterans have emotional issues. 

The VetSuccess program helps to alleviate these stigmas and circumvent the traditional hiring managers' predispositions like this:

    • First, a veteran applies to our program, sends us an email, or calls us. Or, the veteran can be referred by a family member, a friend, or a community outreach organization.
    • RoofPro, or another participating business, interviews the veteran, works with the veteran to establish short and long-term goals in the program, and places the veteran in an apprenticeship program with the participating business.
    • After placement, the veteran begins receiving regular income, typically at local prevailing wage standards, while assisting tradesmen and learning the new trade. 
    • Eventually, the veteran/apprentice will have gained enough skill to be considered a tradesman. At this point, the veteran/tradesman will continue to work with the sponsoring business and with his/her VetSuccess representative to gather enough trade knowledge to either start his/her own business, or enter the market as a qualified, experienced, and educated candidate. 

In all cases, the veteran receives immediate income through job placement, career-oriented education from leading tradesmen and craftsmen, and long-term security through self-improvement.

As the founding business, RoofPro, Inc doubles our committment, acting not only as organizers of the VetSuccess initiative, but as an employer and educator, as well. However, this committment is too great to bear alone. Other businesses, and other trades, are encouraged to participate. If you own or manage a business that is interested in participating in the VetSuccess program, or if you would like to volunteer your time, services, or facilities, or if you would like to contribute financially to the program, please email us here.